Hexcel Products

Hexcel Official Authorized Distributor – Hexcel today offers a breadth and depth of products and services that is unmatched in the industry. From their worldwide manufacturing facilities, Hexcel manufactures the full spectrum of advanced material solutions, including everything from carbon fiber and reinforcement fabrics to prepregs and honeycomb core, tooling materials and finished aircraft structures.

BMS 8-139 Style 120 38″ CL1 - Fiberglass Pre-Preg 350 Degree Hexcel

Certified To: BMS 8-139 Style 120 38" CL1
BMS 8-139 Style 120 38" CL1 is a fiberglass pre-preg style 120 that contains HexPly® F161 resin system. It is a high temperature, laminate grade expoxy resin with a 350°F cure.

AH370-5H-39″ - Dry Graphite Cloth Hexcel

AH370-5H-39" (9390-01-574-7914, 9390015747914) is a 5-harness satin weave dry graphite fabric. This fabric has light weight properties, extreme high strength, while maintaining a fatigue and fire resistant stature.

7500 Fiberglass Tooling Cloth - Dry Fiberglass Cloth Hexcel

7500 Fiberglass Tooling Cloth is a volan E-Glass that is designed for tooling or industrial applications.
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