Hill Industries Products

Hill Industries, Inc. established 1979, manufactures and distributes raw material for aerospace composite parts. Specializing in an adhesive backed, rolled aluminum foil products, their C Clad foils, co-cured with composite parts, provide EMI shielding, grounding, and lightening strike protection for the aviation industry.

BMS 8-289 1235 - CO Cured Aluminum Foil Documents: SDS TDS

BMS 8-289 1235 - CO Cured Aluminum Foil

Certified To: BMS 8-289 Type 0/250/2/1235/002 Form 1 Grade B
BMS 8-289 Type 0/350/2/1235/002 Form 1 Grade B
Manufacturer: Hill Industries

BMS 8-289 1235 is an elastomer coated aluminum foil that features great heat reduction properties and is ideal for areas that are prone to high temperatures.