BMS 9-3 Style 1581 - Dry Fiberglass Cloth Category: Fiberglass Manufacturer: Hexcel

Certified To: BMS 9-3 TY H-2 CL7 STY1581 / AMS-C-9084 TY8A CL1&2

BMS 9-3 Style 1581 is a 8-harness satin weave dry fiberglass fabric. This fabric was designed to prevent stretching and shrinking when exposed to high or low temperatures. BMS 9-3 Style 1581 is typically used for interior cabin structures including seats, luggage bins, bulkheads, lavatories, wall panels and in honeycomb structures.

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BMS 9-3 Style 1581 Data:

Documents: TDS
Color: White Width: 38" / 96.52 cm Thickness: 8.6 mils Length: 130 Yards / 118.87 m Sold in: Yards Category: Fiberglass