Privacy Policy

Information that is gathered from visitors

We store log files on our web server; and in doing so details such as the visitor’s IP address, browser type, referring page and time of visit as well as other industry standard information is collected, stored, and utilized for security purposes. This information is not sold, shared, or in anyway disseminated to any other party.


Cookies are small digital files that are stored by a web browser. Cookies are required by this website and therefore must be enabled by the web browser to fully utilize this website. Cookies are used by this website to ensure the highest level of security by storing a small data value that is unique to each visitor. This process helps ensure a safe user session by preventing the hijacking of a user session and thus preventing the disclosure of private information.

Personal and Company Information

Information including names, telephone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, and E-mail addresses will not be sold, shared, or in anyway disseminated to any other party. The information in a user session is stored for a maximum of 24 hours, this is for the convenience of the visitor. No personal information about any visitor is stored permanently by us or our servers.

Pacific Coast Composites will comply with all laws, subpoenas, and legal regulations which govern our business and conduct of business.

Use of this website

We reserve the right to require users of this site to agree to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can be changed or updated at anytime without explicit notification. We further reserve the right to place restrictions and limitations on the technologies we support including such features as multi-media services, cookies, JavaScript, and all other technologies used by our web servers. Pacific Coast Composites does not claim that this site is 100% compatible with every single platform or technology that accesses this site, though we make a strong effort to conform to all current web standards and protocols.

JavaScript is required to fully utilize this website. If JavaScript is not enabled or fully supported by a user’s web browser then use of this site may be limited.

We value your privacy

We value your trust and privacy. If you have any questions about information we gather or any other matters of privacy please contact us.