Managing the Inventory and lead times so we can deliver what you need, when you need it is the essence of what we do. Here at PCC we understand the challenges that our customers face on a daily basis when it comes to managing the inventory of composite materials, with so many factors to consider.

Such as, the different material manufacturers all have different lead times for specific materials, with specific specifications and some manufacturers having a 30 day lead time and others having a 1 year lead time, depending on the MFG and the material in question. It is understood that these Advanced Composite Materials are made to order due to the time – temperature and shelf life requirements.

Another major factor is the minimum order quantities (MOQ) associated with the manufacturing process of most materials. Some manufacturers will have a 50 yard MOQ while others will have a 500 yard MOQ, again depending on the MFG and the material in question.

All though the MFG’s MOQ does not typically change, their lead times do. They need to adjust to the growth in the Composite industry, and we all know that when dealing with the production of any product we sometimes have the unforeseen happen, such as equipment failure, raw material shortages, or complex process failures.

Because Pacific Coast Composites has a strict focus on composite materials, we are able to keep our finger on the pulse of the ever changing availability of these specialized products. We manage our inventory on a daily basis to assure we will have the material in stock so our customers can meet there production needs.

Slitting Service

Why should you order and receive material that is not in line with your application? Let Pacific Coast Composite slit the materials to the width that is right for you.