Tooling Material

LTM® 16B-T 3KHS 2X2T - Tooling Material Solvay

Certified To: Solvay Standard
LTM16B tooling prepregs are low/medium temperature curing epoxy resins systems that can be post cured to produce tools with a service temperature of 200°C (392°F). This specific item is a 3K harness.

DURATOOL DT450® CP 365 6K - Tooling Material Solvay

Certified To: Solvay Standard
DURATOOL 450 is a proven, high-performance bismaleimide (BMI) resin/carbon fiber tooling system that is capable of continuous service at 190°C (375°F) and short cycle service at 204°C (400°F).

HexTool M81 - Tooling Material Hexcel

HexTool® M81 Tooling Compound is randomly layered strips of uni-directional prepreg which is consolidated into rolled goods. It can be utilised as multi-ply quasi-isotropic hand lay-up, and subsequently CNC milled to close tolerance.
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