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KEVLAR 120 - Dry Kevlar Cloth BGF Industries

Certified To: AMS 3902 STYLE 120
Kevlar® 120 is a plain weave aramid fabric. Kevlar® 120 holds its strength through temperatures ranging from -320°F to 800°F. This fabric is 43 percent lighter than fiberglass fabrics with double the strength.

Airpreg PE CF 6550 - Airpreg Isovolta Group

Certified To: IPS 05-29-002-01, ISSUE 5 ABS 5857, ISSUE 1
AIMS 05-29-000, PART 1, ISSUE 2
Airpreg PE CF 6550 is a high impact epoxy resin prepreg base on S2-glass fabric for aircraft radome application.

EC-1660 5% SOLID 1 GALLON PAIL (8040-01-202-5859, 8040012025859) - Structural Adhesive Primer 3M

Certified To: BMS 5-42V
CVA 8-555 G
3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesive Primer EC-1660 (5%) (8040-01-202-5859, 8040012025859) is a primer for film adhesives in those applications where it is desired to obtain improved adhesion, or improved resistance to environmental exposure.

FM 309-1M .075 - Film Adhesive 350° F Solvay

Certified To: BMS 8-145 TY1
FM® 309-1 is a next generation film adhesive for bonding composite and metallic structures. This new film provides a unique combination of high Tg [360°F (182°C)], high toughness and higher temperature properties. FM® 309-1 is compatible with most 350°F (177°C) curing epoxy-based prepreg systems.

ACGP124 PrimeTex ZB Aero - Dry Graphite Cloth Hexcel

Certified To: Hexcel Standard
PrimeTex® Fabrics are more uniform as the filaments in each tow are spread out creating a thinner and more closely woven fabric that provides better mechanicals. It can be found in typical applications such as aircraft and helicopters, UAV/light aircrafts, automotive, and sports equipment.

HexTool M81 - Tooling Material Hexcel

HexTool® M81 Tooling Compound is randomly layered strips of uni-directional prepreg which is consolidated into rolled goods. It can be utilised as multi-ply quasi-isotropic hand lay-up, and subsequently CNC milled to close tolerance.

3M™ Performance Industrial Spray Gun System 26878 - Spray Gun 3M

Lightweight and easy to use, the 3M™ Performance Spray Gun was built for the industrial painter. Made from impact-resistant composite, it is one of the lightest spray guns in the industry, yet durable enough for demanding conditions.

HS 8171QD 180″ - Nylon Vacuum Bagging Film Aerovac

Quickdraw HS8171 is a hydrophilic material. Moisture and water act as plasticisers. The level of moisture content at time of use is therefore an important factor for successful performance. All nylon films absorb water. The higher the moisture content the more flexible they become. Conversely at lower moisture levels flexibility is limited. Do not store rolls vertically on their ends.

SM9151 1/2″ - Bagging Materials,Vacuum Bagging Sealant Tape Aerovac

Tacky Tape® SM9151 is a sealant tape developed for use in vacuum bagging. It will maintain an air-tight seal during the cure cycle, and then strip clean from the mold during de-bagging. Tacky Tape® SM9151 is Uuser friendly; easy to apply by hand, and ideal for oven or autoclave cure. Uses include: debulking/ compacting, envelope bagging, resin damming, or as a pressure strip, room temperature to 425°F (218°C) cure cycles, good adhesion to various films and tool surfaces, and non-hazardous.

SM5127 - Bagging Materials,Vacuum Bagging Sealant Tape Aerovac

Tacky Tape® SM5127 is an unsurpassed performer where post cure cycles are required. It is compatible with most bagging films and is an ideal choice for use on composite tool surfaces. Tacky Tape® SM5127 is user friendly, easy to apply by hand, ideal for oven or autoclave cure, 250°F (121°C) temperature to 400°F (204°C) cure cycles, and strips clean from various tools surfaces.