SM5142BY - Vacuum Bagging Sealant Tape Category: Sealant Tape Manufacturer: Aerovac

Tacky Tape® SM5142BY is a sealant tape developed for vacuum bagging operations. This product has been formulated to outperform all tapes in its class. With aggressive initial tack, it will maintain an air-tight seal during the cure cycle, yet strip clean from the tool, with virtually no trace of residue. SM5142BY provides easy, almost effortless de-bagging, and minimal to no clean-up between production cycles. SM5142BY exhibits these excellent usage and release characteristics from composite and metal tools, in both oven and autoclave applications. This tape has an optimum cure temperature range of room temperature to 400°F (204°C).

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SM5142BY Data:

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Color: Yellow Cure Temp: 400° F / 204° C Width: 0.5" / 0 cm Thickness: 125 mils Length: 25 Feet / 762 cm Sold in: Case Category: Sealant Tape