SM9151 1/2″ - Bagging Materials,Vacuum Bagging Sealant Tape Category: Sealant Tape Manufacturer: Aerovac

Tacky Tape® SM9151 is a sealant tape developed for use in vacuum bagging. It will maintain an air-tight seal during the cure cycle, and then strip clean from the mold during de-bagging. Tacky Tape® SM9151 is Uuser friendly; easy to apply by hand, and ideal for oven or autoclave cure. Uses include: debulking/ compacting, envelope bagging, resin damming, or as a pressure strip, room temperature to 425°F (218°C) cure cycles, good adhesion to various films and tool surfaces, and non-hazardous.

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SM9151 1/2″ Data:

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Color: Pink Cure Temp: 425° F / 218° C Case Qty: 32 Length: 30 Feet / 914.4 cm Sold in: Case Category: Sealant Tape