LTM® 16B-T 3KHS 2X2T - Tooling Material Category: Tooling Material Manufacturer: Solvay

LTM® 16B-T 3KHS 2X2T - Tooling Material Certified To: Solvay Standard

LTM16B tooling prepregs are low/medium temperature curing epoxy resins systems that can be post cured to produce tools with a service temperature of 200°C (392°F). LTM16B prepregs are suitable for the manufacture of both small and large tools. See TDS for more information. This specific item is a 3K harness.

LTM® 16B-T 3KHS 2X2T Data:

Cure Temp: 104° F / 40° C Width: 50" / 127 cm Length: 22 Yard Sold in: Yard Category: Tooling Material Shipped with: dry ice, digital temp recorder