HexTool M81 - Tooling Material Category: Tooling Material Manufacturer: Hexcel

HexTool M81 - Tooling Material

HexTool® M81 Tooling Compound is randomly layered strips of uni-directional prepreg which is consolidated into rolled goods. It can be utilised as multi-ply quasi-isotropic hand lay-up, and subsequently CNC milled to close tolerance. HexTool® M81 has proved to be dimensionally stable with the ability to hold vacuum integrity before and after machining. Fabricated from Hexcel’s epoxy resin HexPly® M81, HexTool® M81 tools are ideally suited for 120°C to 150°C cure carbon fibre tools but can also accept several cure cycles at 180°C. This makes them also lighter weight, more energy efficient than tools made of steel or aluminium but also more cost-effective with tighter mould tolerance than standard composites tools.

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Cure Temp: 250° F / 121° C Sold in: Yard Category: Tooling Material