HC9837.1 - Film Adhesive 350° F Category: Film Adhesives Manufacturer: Henkel

HC9837.1 - Film Adhesive 350° F Certified To: BMS 8-341 TY3 FORM 1 GR1&2

SynSkin HC 9837.1 is a 250°F/121°C or 350°F/177°C curing epoxy-based composite surfacing film designed to improve the surface quality of honeycomb stiffened composite parts. The product is manufactured with a
non-woven fabric for support.

HC9837.1 Data:

Documents: SDS TDS
Color: Gray Cure Temp: 350° F / 176° C Width: 36" / 91.44 cm Weight: 0.05 Lb/ft2 Length: 50 Yards / 45.72 m Sold in: Yard Category: Film Adhesives Shipped with: dry ice, digital temp recorder