FM 309-1M .075 - Film Adhesive 350° F Category: Film Adhesives Manufacturer: Solvay

FM 309-1M .075 - Film Adhesive 350° F Certified To: BMS 8-145 TY1 / Cytec-1805

FM® 309-1 is a next generation film adhesive for bonding composite and metallic structures. This new film provides a unique combination of high Tg [360°F (182°C)], high toughness and higher temperature properties. FM® 309-1 is compatible with most 350°F (177°C) curing epoxy-based prepreg systems. This new film has excellent resistance to pre-bond and post-bond humidity and has a service temperature of 350°F (177°C). FM® 309-1 adhesive film provides excellent handling properties (good tack and drape) and has a minimum shop life of 30 days at 75°F (24°C).

FM 309-1M .075 Data:

Color: Light Red Cure Temp: 350° F / 176° C Width: 48" / 121.92 cm Weight: .075 Lb/ft2 Length: 41 Yards / 37.49 m Sold in: Yard Category: Film Adhesives Shipped with: dry ice, digital temp recorder