FEP 48-P - Perforated Parting Film Category: Parting Film

FEP 48-P is a perforated parting film that is used in the vacuum bagging process that can be in direct contact with an uncured composite part without bonding. It can withstand temperatures up to 400°F. This material does have great elongation properties for use over contoured parts. When used correctly the non-perforated parting film will make the laminate smoother and achieve higher resin content by encapsulating the resin in the part and minimizing the resin flow out of your layup during the cure.

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FEP 48-P Data:

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Color: Red Film Cure Temp: 400° F / 204° C Width: 48" / 121.92 cm Thickness: 1 mils Length: 200 Yards / 182.88 m Sold in: Yards Category: Parting Film