DAPCO 2100 - 2 Part Sealant Category: 2 Part Sealants Manufacturer: Solvay

Certified To: BMS 5-63 TY2 CL B4

Dapco™ 2100 is an adhesive, solvent-free, thixotropic silicone paste. Dapco™ 2100 is most commonly used as a coating, sealant, or filleting material in the construction, repair and maintenance of all types of aircraft. The product can be applied using a variety of methods and is especially useful where fire resistance, exposure to phosphate ester fluids, and/or exposure to extreme temperatures -65° F (-54° C) to 400° F (204° C) are major considerations. The product can also be used as an insulative and/or ablative heat shield.

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DAPCO 2100 Data:

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Color: Gray Cure Temp: 72° F / 22° C Sold in: Kit Category: 2 Part Sealants