BR 127 Quart - Corrosion Inhibiting Primer Category: Corrosion Inhibiting Primer Manufacturer: Solvay

BR 127 Quart - Corrosion Inhibiting Primer Certified To: BMS 5-89 TY 1 GR A NSN Part Numbers: 8040-01-325-0738, 8040-01-032-4051, 8040-01-197-1696, 8040-01-33

BR® 127 (8040-01-197-1696, 8040011971696) corrosion inhibiting primer is a modified epoxy primer. It is the industry standard for high performance corrosion inhibiting primers and has been used in virtually every commercial aircraft built since its introduction. BR 127 primer can be used with essentially all 250°F (121°C) film adhesives and has been designed to provide optimal structural performance at temperatures ranging from -67°F to 300°F (-55°C to 149°C).

BR 127 Quart Data:

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Color: Yellow Cure Temp: 250° F / 121° C Sold in: Quart Category: Corrosion Inhibiting Primer Shipped with: dry ice, digital temp recorder, IATA