BMS 8-80 60″ TY6 CL1 GR A - Fiberglass Pre-Preg 250 Degree Category: Fiberglass Manufacturer: Solvay

Certified To: BMS 8-80 TY 6 CL 1 GR A FORM A

BMS 8-80 60" TY6 CL1 GR A is a fiberglass pre-preg style 7781 that features CYCOM® 4102 polyester resin that is flame-resistant. It has a cure temperature of 250°F. It is typically used to manufacture heating, defrosting, de-icing, and ventilating ducts, and in general purpose laminated parts.

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BMS 8-80 60″ TY6 CL1 GR A Data:

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Color: White Cure Temp: 250° F / 121° C Width: 60" / 152.4 cm Thickness: 9 mils Length: 65 Yards / 59.44 m Sold in: Yard Category: Fiberglass Shipped with: dry ice, digital temp recorder