BMS 8-289 1235 - CO Cured Aluminum Foil Category: Aluminum Foil Manufacturer: Hill Industries

Certified To: BMS 8-289 Type 0/250/2/1235/002 Form 1 Grade B / BMS 8-289 Type 0/350/2/1235/002 Form 1 Grade B NSN Part Number: 9515-01-661-0407, 9515016610407

BMS 8-289 1235 (9515-01-661-0407, 9515016610407) is an elastomer coated aluminum foil that features great heat reduction properties and is ideal for areas that are prone to high temperatures. It is typically used for the last layer on a panel and can be used for cosmetic purposes as it has a close look to chrome.

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BMS 8-289 1235 Data:

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Color: Aluminum Width: 36" / 91.44 cm Thickness: 2 mils Weight: .002 Lb/ft2 Length: 118 Yards / 107.9 m Sold in: Yard Category: Aluminum Foil