BMS 8-219-285 - Kevlar Pre-Preg 250 Degree Category: Kevlar Manufacturer: Hexcel

BMS 8-219-285 - Kevlar Pre-Preg 250 Degree Certified To: BMS 8-219-285

BMS 8-219-285 is Kevlar that contains HexPly® F155 resin system. It's an advanced modified epoxy formulation designed for autoclave curing to offer very high laminate strengths, coupled with increaded fracture toughness and adhesive properties. In uncured form, it offers controlled flow in the basic formulation to offer balanced tool and bagside sandwhich peels, good tack and dape properties for layup and assembly purposes, and long out time. In cured form, it offers high laminate strengths, good sandwich panel and metal-to-metal bonding, and self-extinguishing properties.

BMS 8-219-285 Data:

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Color: Yellow Cure Temp: 250° F / 121° C Width: 38" / 96.52 cm Thickness: 1 mils Length: 84 Yards / 76.81 m Sold in: Yard Category: Kevlar Shipped with: dry ice, digital temp recorder