BMS 8-124 TY5 CL4 GR3 -1.00″ - Non-Metallic Honeycomb Category: Non-Metallic

Certified To: BMS 8-124 TY5 CL4 GR3 -1.00"

BMS 8-124 TY5 CL4 GR3 -1.00" is a non-metallic nomex honeycomb that is typically used as core material in sandwich composite constructions. Nomex Honeycomb is a paper-like material that is coated with phenolic resin. It posses great high strength-to-weight ratios and is ideal for light-weight and dense applications. *Product image vary from actual product.*

Product image may vary from actual product

BMS 8-124 TY5 CL4 GR3 -1.00″ Data:

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Width: 48" / 121.92 cm Length: 96 Inches / 243.84 cm Sold in: Sheet Category: Non-Metallic