PECF - Airpreg PE CF 6550 Category: Fiberglass Manufacturer: Isovolta Group

Certified To: IPS 05-29-002-01, ISSUE 5 ABS 5857, ISSUE 1 / AIMS 05-29-000, PART 1, ISSUE 2

Airpreg PECF 6550 is a high impact epoxy resin prepreg base on S2-glass fabric for aircraft radome application. The epoxy resin system is also qualified for certain applications in aircraft interiors where high impact values are linked with FST requirements. PECF6550/T2F2/1650/72/KF

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PECF Data:

Cure Temp: 280° F / 137° C Width: 65" / 165.1 cm Length: 78 Yard Sold in: Yard Category: Fiberglass Shipped with: dry ice, digital temp recorder