EPOCAST 50A1/946 - 2 Part Resin System Category: 2 Part Resin Systems Manufacturer: Huntsman

Certified To: BMS 8-201 TY 4

Epocast® 50-A1 resin/Hardener 946 epoxy laminating system is an unfilled, solvent-free, easy-to-handle material for the manufacture or repair of composite structures as well as for filamint winding. Epocast® 50-A1 resin/Hardener 9816 epoxy laminating system is self extinguishing.

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EPOCAST 50A1/946 Data:

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Color: Amber Cure Temp: 200° F / 93° C Sold in: Quarts Category: 2 Part Resin Systems Shipped with: IATA