3M™ Lane Marking Applicator M1 - Lane Marking Applicator Category: Applicator Manufacturer: 3M

3M™ Lane Marking Applicator M1 applies safety and vinyl tape to floors with greater ease and accuracy for marking traffic lanes, storage boundaries and safety zones in warehouses, manufacturing plants and factories. People given the task of applying safety tape will appreciate our applicator because it will save them from crawling on the floor on hands and knees. Instead, the applicator allows a person to remain standing and simply walk down the aisle while the tape is dispensed and securely applied to the floor. There is no need for bending, kneeling or crouching to apply safety tape to a floor. Applying safety and vinyl tape becomes a quick and simple job with our lane marking applicator.

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Color: Red Width: 19" / 48.26 cm Box Qty: 1 Length: 47 Inches / 119.38 cm Sold in: EAs Category: Applicator