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Composite research, manufacturing, and production have outpaced workforce training for years. America’s CTE High Schools and Technical College programs have very few resources to help them navigate the world of composites.

With the amount of people anticipating retirement in the composites industry, many manufactures are looking for individuals to fill the spaces of those retiring. The individuals that are seeking to fill those spaces typically need a composites manufacturing certificate or two years of experience. Those that don’t have a certificate or the experience will take a composites manufacturing course at a technical college. The typical wait time to take a course can range from 2-3 years because so many people are signing up.

Pacific Coast Composites is able to provide composite materials, supplies, training, and consultation for the education industry. We can provide our services in high schools to help alleviate some of the wait times in technical colleges. Students are able to take a composite manufacturing course in high school and gain the experience to either start their career in the industry or further their education in composites.