The Book

We recommend reading this book if you are an instructor, hobbyist, etc. looking to learn the basic fundamentals of working with composites.

A Comprehensive Guide to Composites by Kevin Fochtman

Graphite, carbon fiber, Kevlar, pre-pregs—these are advanced composites in wide use by today’s manufacturers. The processes and skills needed to produce composite parts and components are unique; training in this high-skills sector is vital and opens up many opportunities to employees and apprentices in the industry.

This book provides an insider’s viewpoint on the tips and techniques used by the pros to fabricate advanced composite parts. The culmination of more than 30 years of industry experience, it imparts valuable insight on safety, shop and equipment needs, engineering, materials, lay-up, fabrication and quality control. The author captures lessons, games, safety, tests and projects in place, explaining them in the most pertinent context possible. Students and instructors will benefit from his coverage of lean manufacturing, STEM, and advanced composites, all in one book.

The book can purchased on Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. in hard copy and electronic copy.

Get the book here: A Comprehensive Guide to Composites