Pacific Coast Composites can help bridge the training gap by offering the education/hobby market expertise in shop start-up and equipment. We are your comprehensive suppler for shop layouts, composite manufacturing equipment, accessories, tools, and curriculum.

What are composites?

Advanced composites are characterized by the use of high-performance resin systems and high-strength, high stiffness fiber reinforcement. There are a number of exotic resins and fibers used in advanced composites, however, epoxy resin and reinforcement fiber of aramid, carbon, or graphite dominates the market.

Why composites?

These materials have been adopted for use in many industries including aerospace, automotive, wind energy and sporting goods. The $70 billion a-year industry is growing 8% annually. The Advanced Composites Manufacturing Association estimates that more than 50,000 new products could utilize advanced composite materials.

Material Comparison Chart

A comparison chart that includes physical properties and tensile strength.

Teach Marketable Skills

A short industry insight and available programs

The Book

An insider’s viewpoint on the tips and techniques used by the pros to fabricate advanced composite parts.


Information for educators and starting a composite shop

Build My Shop

We'll help build out your composite shop and provide the information needed to to start a composite shop


Pacific Coast Composites has developed a curriculum to support composite education in middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities across the United States.