Slitting Service

Slitting_IMGIn addition to supporting our customers with special packaging requirements, we offer a wide range of customized material slitting services.

Why should you order and receive material that is not in line with your application?  Let Pacific Coast Composites slit the materials to the width that is right for you.

We can quickly and accurately convert a 36” wide by 50 yards long roll of material into 6″ rolls. This reduces your labor cost, thaw time, and the amount of out-time for the entire roll of material. This will allow the user to consume the material that is needed as it is needed and not before.

All slit material is labeled and packaged to meet the manufactures specification, and stringent regulatory compliance.

The cost is low and the saving are great. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more details. It is our goal is to match the best slitting option for your application needs.