AOG Service

When you have a material problem that is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying or a problem that will shut down your production, Pacific Coast Composites can help with our Aircraft on Ground (AOG) service.

There is always an urgency to acquire quality certified materials to keeps things flying, driving, and performing to the requirements, and to prevent future delays. But when it just can’t wait for that next business day, you have an AOG that needs our products and services. We have material that is ready to go at a moment’s notice, supplied with the trace paperwork that you require. From the manufactures certification and test reports to the time and temperature reports, along with the safety data sheets.

No matter what the time is, night or day of the week our AOG service is here to support your needs.

When an aircraft is AOG and materials required are not readily available, parts and personnel must be driven, flown, or sailed to the location of the grounded aircraft. Usually the problem is managed by an internal AOG Desk, then the manufacturer’s AOG Desk, and finally suppliers’ AOG desks. All major air carriers have an “AOG Desk.” This desk is manned 24/7 by people trained in AOG purchasing, hazardous materials shipping, and parts manufacturing and the material acquisition processes.

Does your current composite material supplier have an AOG desk? Pacific Coast Composites does, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And we are very good at it.

AOG or Expedited Service

253-732-4317 or 253-302-7903

  • 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Additional fees may apply to all orders processed outside of normal business hours

During normal business hours

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