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Pacific Coast Composites stocks and distributes advanced composite materials certified for your quality requirements and shipped the same day. You get the service you expect and the quality you demand.

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Hexcel corporation is a leading advanced composites company developing lightweight, high performance composites.

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Who We Are

The biggest frustration of our customers is finding the right products, in the right quantities, and getting them in their hands as fast as possible. Due to the exacting tolerances and requirements of advanced composite materials, the industry as a whole is not set up to meet the needs of smaller quantities and fast turn around.

With more than 30 years of experience in the composites industry, our management and staff are committed to delivering the highest quality products, unsurpassed customer service, competitive pricing, and rapid action response to your critical needs. Many of our advanced composites are stocked in our freezer and shipped same day.

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Our strategic partners are leaders in the industry for quality and consistency, making it easy to provide you with the best-in-class service, availability, and inventory.

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We continue to maintain and certify our high standards of excellence, delivering accurate and quality service with every order.

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Our Shelf Life Calculator is provided in order to help our customers determine the remaining shelf life of their product.

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New Stock Arrival

Pacific Coast Composites now stocking

HEXCEL ACGP 193-P(T) 60" M70:40%

Certified To: BMS 8-256 TY4 CL2 STYLE 3K-70-PW

In Stock and Ready to Ship!

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Pacific Coast Composites introduces the all new 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun

Lightweight and easy to use, the 3M Performance Spray Gun is low maintenance, fewer parts and features quick change replaceable nozzles. You can spray from either a pressurized source or a gravity cup. Simple, innovative design means fewer parts to maintain. Try the new 3M Performance Spray Gun and bring consistency and quality back into your paint operation.